Did you get the memo? 

Content matters. 

According to content expert Jon Wuebben, a blog post with a poorly written title causes 60 percent of blog visitors to lose interest in reading the post. Paying attention to every aspect of producing quality content has never been more important than it is now. 


Content is magical and powerful when it's managed properly. When it's not...well, that's probably the reason you are visiting this page right now. I know that you want to increase your revenue, elevate your performance to a higher level, and build a loyal following.

 My unique combination of journalistic and business writing experience enables me to craft high quality content that is engaging and relatable instead of sales-y and inauthentic. Your content represents your company 24/7! How is it working for you, so far?


Are we a good fit? I work with professionals who truly understand the value of quality content. Most of the companies and publishers I work with have passed the one-year mark and have moved past survival mode. However, I will consider working with a new company or publisher that has secured adequate venture capital funding to ensure a well-funded marketing strategy during the launch and first year of business.



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