Rachelle Nones, Writing Consultant

I have b
een helping my clients tell memorable stories for more than a decade. Over the years, I've edited a magazine, taught college writing courses and taken on some highly challenging writing and editing projects. My extensive, diverse experience provides the broad base of knowledge required to craft and curate premium quality content.

The best writing is concise, polished, and well researched. Most of all, it must be relevant to your target audience. When I write, I always write with purpose. 


Let me help you reach your target market in the most exceptional way.   

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What They're Saying 

Testimonial on editing articles and other content for 2+ years


“Rachelle is a hardworking, creative professional with an ability to focus keenly on a project’s most essential components.  I unreservedly recommend Rachelle Nones."

Jacquie Lewis, Ph.D., Co-Director, Certificate Program, Saybrook University Graduate School and Research Center

                Testimonial on writing involving interviewing and background research (multiple projects)

"As editor at Eternity Road Press LLC, I had the pleasure of working with Rachelle on a regular basis. As a frequent editorial contributor, she was always professional and easy to work with. Rachelle demonstrated the ability to work independently with minimal supervision and always delivered clean, concise, and well-researched editorial content in a timely manner. I’ve never known her to miss a deadline." 

Eda Galeno, Editor

                     Client feedback on ghostwriting assignments (multiple assignments)


"Rachelle, thanks again for the great work. I always appreciate your sense of style and interesting ideas."


 Director, Wedding Planning Website